Contract Maintenance

It takes every member to see that the  Contract is being followed

Are You doing Your Part?

We are engaged in negotiations with our employer, we have agreements, and we have disagreements. This is all a part of negotiating, ultimately  our goal is compromise on these issues. Sometimes these item's take months of meetings to scrutinize the language so that we are all agreeable, this makes it very difficult to keep up with if you don't attend each of the meetings that they are discussed in. This is where your E.board comes in to play, that is what they are there to do. If you would like to keep up with what is going on please attend, all are welcome , and appreciated. If you chose not to attend ask your e.board member what is going on or check our yahoo site for discussions, our monthly meetings are also for information, please try and attend them regularly for any updates and membership business.

Don’t listen to Rumors, untruths, and half-truths. Attend your local monthly meetings, ask questions and stay informed.

Next Monthly Membership Meeting
   March 3, 2020

In Remembrance of
a GREAT FRIEND, COLLEAGUE, AND                                UNION BROTHER!


 Mickey Bracey, 54, was born 10-17-57 in Plant City, FL, and passed away from cancer on 9-26-12 with his family by his side in his home.
Mickey enjoyed fishing and coaching Little League baseball. He worked at Piper Aircraft until they relocated and started his 27 years of service for Lakeland Electric at the power plant. Mickey was a loving dad, son, husband, brother, uncle, grandpa and friend.
He was preceded in death by his beloved son Jamie Bracey and grandparents Stanley & Pat Bracey, Thomas B. & Ruby Dubose. Mickey is survived by his son, Jay Bracey; daughters, Molly Davison and Holly Drawdy; mother of his children Ilene Stephenson; 5 grandchildren, his parents Jim & Gladys Bracey; sisters, Julie Bracey and Teresa Hiestand; brother, Brian Bracey.

The time we have on Earth to spend with our loved ones is already too short; live life to the fullest, stay healthy, retire as early as you can, enjoy every moment with your family, friends and loved ones!

For all those Union Brothers and Sisters out there who have put off losing weight, or a trip to the Doctor for whatever the reason, "I'm not old enough to need that", " it doesn't bother me bad enough", "I don't have time", "I'll get over it eventually"...DON'T! 
 "Take Care of little problems before they become BIG PROBLEMS and always take care of the people and things that mean the most to you".


             Monthly Membership Meeting will be held


Monthly meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of every month @ Amvets.
1339 East Gary rd. Lakeland, @ 4:00pm Unless  posted
Dates will be posted on the calender.

Get involved, attend meetings /Negotiations, show your support, see your union rep. for times, dates, and locations.


                                   STAY INVOLVED! 
                                   STAY INFORMED.



Mission Statement

We, the Utility Workers of America, believing it to be a natural, right and just that those who toil should enjoy to the fullest extent the wealth created by their labor; and realizing that under the ever changing industrial conditions and the enormous growth of corporations and other aggregations of capital. It is impossible for us to obtain
the full reward of our labor other than through united, industrial action; and believing that labor acting along economic and political lines can secure a more equitable distribution of the nation's wealth for all those performing useful service to society.

Therefore, we pledge ourselves to labor united on behalf of the principals herein set forth, to perpetuate our organization on the basis of friendship and justice to expound its objects and obey the laws laid down for its guidance and government, and always labor for its success, knowing as we do, that when we are united no reasonable demands that we may make can be denied us.

Join Local 604 on their Yahoo Site by clicking on the link below and signing up! Keep up with what's going on by asking and answering questions.


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